Help getting a 2488mk2 workin


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Jul 5, 2014
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Tascam DP 2488mk2
So let me start off with I've sort of inherited this machine. As the person that lived in my apartment before me didn't come back to get the rest of their stuff after a year and a half.

So when I had to move out I tried to see if this thing actually worked. It booted up till it got to a screen where it tells me it can't detect the hard drive please check H/W. So since I've meddled with electronics before, may not know proper terms for things but i know what does what.

However I've noticed a power connection that comes off where the main plug board that goes to I assume is the motherboard of this beast. Is loose on that end of it. which is prolly why it wouldn't boot.

Tried booting it up once I was sure it was connected and it still has the same issue.

I've tried taking the hard drive out and testing it with a mobile hdd adapter i use on my laptop. The HDD works fine.

If it wasn't for the fact this uses a split IDE cable Id easily have a replacement with my old tower parts. So I can't check if that's shorted out.

All I can tell is it's no wonder the guy before me never came back for it. lol

So anyone have any idea how to get this working? Thinking of giving it to my dad as a birthday gift, as he's got dreams of being a guitarist, and maybe he can pretend to be Trent Reznor.
Hi, the 2488 needs to detect both the hard drive and the CDR to boot. Make sure the ribbon cable is properly connected and the power is there. If there were any shorts on the ide power cable there would not be any display generated.

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