Help me choose between my MX2424 and HD24


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Oct 15, 2012
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Well I got my MX2424 up and running with the 72GB drive and now I am at a crossroads. I now have as much invested in the MX2424 as I do in my Alesis HD24 (non-XR). I have had the HD24 for years with nothing but great service. I need to sell one, but I cant decide. I have the MX2424's remote as well and it records up to 96K which the HD24 doesn't. I probably could get a little more with the HD24, but its been noting but good to me.. :?:
If you plan to record for many years, sell both and buy a Tascam X-48, the mark1 machines are selling cheaper now that the mark2 has been released or if you have the cash get a mark2 as it's SATA hard drive friendly. Projects recorded on the MX are compatible with the x-48 or so I am lead to believe. Don't forget too factor in which interface cards you need, analog, adat or digital, as you need 2 to get the full 48 tracks input or playback.

I keep eyeing them off but as my 2 x MX's are still doing the job for me it's hard to justify the outlay.

Well, its simply to dump projects into. Believe it or not I have focused my attention back to recording on tape with my Tascam ATR-60-8 (actually I have two :D ). So its just a place to keep all of my old recordings if you will. The nice thing about the MX and Radar is that I can input two analog tracks and convert it to digital and have AES/EBU outputs, the HD 24 doesn't have that. But then again the Radar has the best converters of the three.
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If you just want to store projects, why don't you just export the wave files and store them on a hard drive, you would be able to load the files on almost any multitrack software.

Oh and the 24 track AD/DA cards on the MX are pretty dam good. I should know.

To transport just the Wave files didn't I need to initially format them as Fat32? I formatted all the disks to HFS+ or can I convert everything down the road?
Why did you format to HFS+? This was a throw back from when poo tools only used mac files and the MX was being marketed as a live recording format that was compatible with poo tools.

I believe that if you mount a second drive formatted to Fat32 and smart copy the files from the HFS drive over they will become wave files, but I have never tried it and I may be wrong.


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