Help-Problems using Model 24 as an interface with DAW

Discussion in 'Model 24' started by tomyg, Mar 26, 2020 at 7:01 AM.

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    Nov 2013
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    Hi, Any help would be much appreciated.
    When my Model 24 is connected to my PC (fully updated running Windows 10) via the USB, the connection is made as evident by the music/utility files folder being displayed on the PC but the Tascam model mixer setting panel is stating 'Device is not connected' is which is clearly not the case.
    Further when the USB Storage setting is opened the message 'USB Fs mismatch' is displayed on the Tascam but I'm running at 44kz/24bit for both my DAW (Cakewalk) and the Tascam so the bit rates are the same.
    Just to add to the confusion, when I close the USB Storage setting, the Tascam model mixer setting does display my unit and confirms its sample rate and that I'm running the latest firmware version.
    I'm stumped as I simply don't know what to do to resolve this problem. Many thanks for any assistance you can offer, Tom UK