Help with Remote acces in DM4800


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Oct 21, 2012
Rajapalayam,Tamil Nadu,India..
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Tascam DM 4800
As instructed by the guides from steinberg n Tascam, I've successfully made both cubase/Nuendo and DM4800 to work perfect... :cool:

My issue is I get only 16 Channels of control by setting up 2 "Mackie controllers" using MIDI IN/OUT 5&6 :shock:

Is there a possibility to get access to all 24 channels by setting up another "Mackie controller" .. :ugeek:

I tried routing to other MIDI IN/OUTs(1,2,3,4& 7) .. but no signals

MIDI Port 7 althow worked as channels 1-8 :rolleyes:
I think you are on the right track. (pun) I believe that MIDI 7 is what you want to use. Try assigning it to another "Mackie Control Extention", but this time, in your DAW, you need to "offset" these new 8 tracks by 16 tracks, so that the first track in the the new controller (on MIDI 7) starts on channel 17, not channel 1. And, the size tweak should be set to 8 tracks (not 9).
Now, you should have control of channles 1-8 on MIDI 5 (Mackie Control; offset 0; size 9---to include you master fader), 9-16 in MIDI 6 (Mackie Control Extended; offset 8 tracks; size 8---for the tracks only, master fader is already assigned-) and 17-24 on MIDI 7 (Mackie Control Extended, offset 16; size 8---for tracks only).
This is only in theory. I have a 3200 and only have 16 remote tracks available. But give it a try anyway and let me know if it works,
Yup MIDI 7 is what I want to use for 17-24..
I understand ur theory .. but where do i find this "offset" on Cubase/Nuendo ... there is no such option as far as i'v seen :-(

But one kind of combination worked but in an unusual manner

Mackie Control 1 with MIDI PORT 5
Track 1-8 on DAW goes to Faders 9-16 on DM4800

Mackie control 2 with MIDI PORT 7
Tracks 9-16 on DAW Links to Faders 17-24 on DM4800

Mackie control 3 with MIDI PORT 6
Tracks 17-24 on DAW Links to Faders 1-8 on DM4800
In this way I get access to all 24 Channels individually

Any other order of MIDI port assigned to mackie controller results in 16 Fader controls + repetition of 1-8 trk on the rest of the faders frm 17-24
I don't know where the offset parameters are in Cubase. I don't use Cubase, although I am thinking of picking up "7". I assumed there is something similar in most DAWs. Maybe not.
Maybe try switching Mackie Controls 1 and 3?
No offset parameters , its just Midi IN/OUT :-( ......and few presets like O2R ,DM2000,etc,etc...

will try switching ...

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