Help with tascam dr-05 - "no music file" :(

Discussion in 'TASCAM DM-24' started by jamesjackson, Aug 17, 2019.

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    Aug 2019
    TASCAM DR-05
    Hi Forum members,
    Im new to this and glad I found you - hope I can learn something to solve my problem and even help once I learn more by using my TASCAM more intelligently.

    I recently plugged my SD card into my Macbook and erased all the files (which was intentional because I already had them on an HD) but I think I should have deleted them on the Tascam first, im not sure...

    I say this because after doing so I tried to record, and after a few seconds of recording the screen read
    "CARD FULL". Confused, I looked to the internet and saw some comments about ghosts files and simple reformatting. I went the reformatting route, I did so directly on the TASCAM last night.

    Sadly, now when I try to record I see "NO MUSIC FILE"
    Then I start to record and it records for 4 or 5 seconds then stops and the Rec light just blinks.
    Not sure what I did wrong. Pretty lost as I try to retrace my steps.
    Help? :)
    Thanks !