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Sep 25, 2012
Fremantle, Western Australia
Gear owned
M3700 MX2424 MSR16S
Hi, I was on the old forum a lot, I currently still use 2 x MX2424's in my working studio. Both my machines have the analog cards and Adat cards fitted and are running in sync. I use MX view currently on Windows XP pro. I have a lot of hard copy documentation and a lot of experience with these machines.

So if I can be of any help post the problem under a new topic and I will help you all I can.

Boy do I need to pick your brain right now. I just got an MX2424SE a week ago and now in the last few days I have been having nothing but trouble. I will post my problems...
Thank You Alan.
I may be asking you some questions in the coming weeks.
I plan on firing up my 2 MX2424's tomorrow afternoon.
I have analog inputs on both and need to hook all back up to my Tascam mixer 2600.
I do have a PC with XP pro, I was wanting to use my Mac Book Pro, Software will not open on it today.
Myrtle Beach SC.
Hi. I have used my MX-2424 in many years. But lately i build a rack with 5 scsi disks but I only had a cable with scrues on both ends , While fully working, the cable fell of back on the MX. The hd's did not work afterwards, but after some time I was able to reformate all disks in my pc with adaptec card,.Only to find that my Mx don't sense disks on either outside or inside plügs. The same rack is fully working in pc, I messures two small resitors right behind the outside plug, Both where zero (0.00ohm). But there can be other faults after this power chock to the bus. Any help is appreciated.

We should have stated a new topic on this rather than put it under "Here to Help" so more people see the topic we are discussing.

surprised to see anyone still using the MX2424 But I love the sound! I've been out of the biz for 5or6 years due to the big "C" but would like to put a 2424 mobile rig together. (I have everything I need in storage) Problem is I cant get MX-View running on anything. I have a very old computer w/ XP and an old IBM Thinkpad w/XP but no luck with either of them. Both machines SEE the MX but loose connection before the program will load. Any help would be appreciated!!! Please feel free to email me at if you would. ;)
read your reviews alan, good looking out on that win xp gui
any further suggestions on what to use to get the software running on the machine seemlessly?
xp works fine, I do get the ocasional (rare) view lock up (screen freeze) but it does not effect recording or playback and just needs a software re-start. My other xp machine (laptop) works everytime. Read my other answer on the other post also.

I am computer illiterate, so you will have to bear with me... I have done the steps to start a new project, but for some reason I can't arm the track to record, the rec light will not come on... I have the analog cards and have switched it from digital to analog in the setup menu. I reformatted the drives and so on, but I am now at a loss... I get signal in the meters register and I hear it thru my monitors, but for some reason I cannot get the tracks to arm... I called Tascam and the tech was not familiar with the machine enough...Please help!... Thanks Jim

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