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Oct 2, 2012
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Centerpiece ofcourse; the DM3200 with left and right my home-built racks and work desk. Monitoring out>in: Tannoy Monitor Series 12 DMT II, Yamaha NS10, Avantone active. Center window looks into recording room, other window into vocal booth. More overhere:


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looks nice, good workflow set up...u are the first person to have the ns 10s standing straight up like that.. good idea for the blind so when your mixing, you can deaden the glass from hitting your right ear. I have to do that soon as well.
I didn't exactly invent it.. Yamaha even produced them with lettering readable when standing up. But, for me it is rather recent and they sound better with tweeters not hiding behind the LCDs. :cool:
Very nice and impressive...
Ziet er goed uit Arjan. Effe op de Nederlandse tour vanuit de States. Leuk dat er Nederlanders op dit forum zijn. Je studio ziet er gelikt uit. Erg indrukwekkend.
Oh, it seems I missed most of these later messages. Thanks guys, en dank je wel!
Thanks guys, appreciated.
Very nice organized. I like the racks on both sides of chair. I had to put rack gear in my desk flat on surface and some under bridge. My new setup is just folding tables with small racks on top of tables. It’s due to physical limitations I can’t bend down see gear make adjustments. I should post photos.
At any rate I like the studio a lot.
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