HGR-2488 Prism. New VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam 2488


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Oct 16, 2012
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We are excited to announce the arrival of our latest VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam 2488.

Have you ever wished that the colour LCD display of the DP24/32 was available on the Tascam 2488? Well, the HGR-2488 Prism builds on the successful design of our original VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam 2488 by adding full colour to the user experience.

The video above was recorded using a VGA to PAL converter so the colours have become less saturated, but be assured when displayed on a VGA monitor the Prism video quality is excellent.

The HGR-2488 Prism provides the following features;

  • Full colour display
  • Display of the TASCAM 2488 LCD on a VGA compatible PC monitor or LCD panel
  • Everything displayed on the TASCAM 2488 LCD is replicated on the PC monitor (in colour!)
  • VGA mode is 800 x 600 @ 60HZ
  • TASCAM 2488 LCD remains fully functional whether or not the PC monitor is connected
  • No PC required – just the TASCAM 2488, a VGA monitor and a standard male-to-male VGA cable
  • Simple to install
Further information is available our web site www.hgr2488.co.uk

If you have any questions please post them below or e-mail support@hgr2488.co.uk


Steve / HGR Music

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Very nice!! And very easy to install.
I'm in search of this product, for 2488 mk1 they are soldout..I've contacted the website and have talked to Steve saying it is very doubtful if they will produce any more for the tascam 2488 mk1..so if there is anyone out there who would like sell their hgr 2488 interface video module please contact me...I really would like to buy one...thank you all
This company doesn't seem to exist any more. I tried to buy the card from Rvenits in the Netherlands, and it doesn't seem to exist either, but they were happy to take my money to a shop in Hong Kong!!
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The interface card was on sale RVENITSEG but the company is gone (or never was). A link to that site/card is:

If you test the contact e-mail address, you get a replay telling you that the mailbox has been discontinued with a forwarding email of service@proonlineshop.com. Except that the proonlineshop.com domain doesn't exist. If you attempt to buy from the site, the profile you set up will show that the order is processing but that status will never changed. Meanwhile, a company called Goodies Network Hong Kong will take the money from your account and it might never be seen again (although I've contacted the fraud department at my bank and I'm confident I will get refunded). My bank has to wait 15 days to confirm that the good were not received.
By the way looking at the picture of the board, you can see it's got an Xilinx chip on it which is almost certainly a Field Programmable Gate Array. The chip would have been custom programmed by HGR-2488, and you wouldn't be able to program it yourself without the original mapping. No other company is going to attempt what they did again because there's no profit in it.
Please be aware RVENITSEG is a scam. HGR in the UK are the sole providers of this module and there are no other manufacturers or distributors. (of course there may be individuals out there with one to sell second hand). On the RVENITSEG website they are just re-using the HGR photos. I know that HGR have stopped producing this module for the time being due to the recent crisis. Maybe when things get back to normal they will produce some more. Best thing is to register your interest here on the forums, if the HGR e-mail is not active.
If HGR are going to produce any more cards, they should do it soon. The lifetime of a Tascam 2488 is limited. I'm sure there are many sitting in attics waiting to be revived, but while there is currently no active e-mail address and the Twitter account hasn't had a post on it since April 2015, it doesn't look to hopeful. I'm not holding my breath.
I could be tempted to buy one of these...

It’s a shame the schematics weren’t open-sourced.

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