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Oct 16, 2012
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The price of the HGR 2488 monitor interface has dropped by £10 (about $16) on the ebay listings (although not on the HGR website as yet) and still free postage. Not sure if it's a short term promotion, might be worth checking out. Search for hgr2488 on ebay

The web site is also offering the reduced price of £64.99 (approx $109) which is a 13% reduction on the previously listed price and we are also currently offering free worldwide shipping.

This offer is valid until the end of March 2014.
Don't mean to flog an old topic but does HGR offer a monitor interface for the Tascam DP24? If so, what is the price?

It's not listed on their website..... The DP24 uses a different LCD display (obviously, as it's a colour one) and from what I've seen is not accessible like the 2488 display is. Anybody got a DP24 service manual? That would be interesting to see.

At the moment our module is only compatible with the Tascam 2488 (MKI, MKII & Neo).

We have been looking into developing a version for the DP-24/32 but will need to undertake a complete redesign of the hardware / firmware.

To fit our VGA Interface into the Tascam 2488 is very simple as all of the internal connectors are easily accessible and the module can be installed and working within 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the DP-24 has a much more complicated internal design and gaining access to the necessary connectors requires that circuit boards be removed (and correctly replaced) without causing any damage.

I am not sure when we will start producing a VGA Interface for the DP-24/32 as, at the moment, we are a long way off having a robust design that can be easily installed.

I thought that I would post a brief update on our plans to develop a VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam DP-24/32.

As previously mentioned, the construction of the DP-24/32 is complex and, having stripped down the DP-24, we have concluded that modification of the machine is likely to be beyond the abilities of most users.

We have therefore decided that it will not be viable to add a VGA monitor to this particular Tascam.

Ok, maybe not for the masses. But would it be possible to special order one. I have had some experience replacing/moding some of my pieces and would pay whatever the price is for a monitor on my dp32

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