Hi from the Highlands


Mar 7, 2014
Gear owned
DP24 Zoom R16 AW1600
Just ordered the DP24 today and looking forward to its arrival. I remember in the distant past having a Tascam 4 track portastudio but that was back in the mid 80's. I have a Yamaha AW1600 which is a nice machine but is getting long in the tooth but I find it hard to use and also a Zoom R16 which is a nice portable recorder but the screen is not very big on it and no CD for mastering so hope the DP24 is easy to use as I hope to use this as a stand alone machine to record my band. In the meantime I signed up and downloaded the video tutorial from David Wills of ProaudioDVD which hopefully has given me a head start.
New arrival expected at the beginning of the week.

Cheers Bob

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