Host not responding please refer to owners manual error messave

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    Jun 2018
    Tascam x-48, 2x Da-88
    The first time I tried to boot it up, it wouldn't boot or show the X48 startup logo. Replaced the bios battery on the motherboard and the problem was fixed. Started up, ran fine, no host error message.

    Unfortunately I let it sit for 6 months and when I went to start it up, the power supply had failed. I replaced the power supply and tried to start it again, but came up with a "host not responding" error on the x48. The computer side booted up fine and I can look at files and file contents. I assumed the bios battery on the motherboard had gone bad so I replaced the battery once more.

    X48 boots and shows mixing screen, but the x48 itself says "Host not responding refer to Owner's Manual".