How can I connect 8 mics in iF-AN/DM ?


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Apr 18, 2013
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Hi guys,
I have a Tascam Dm3200 with the iF-AN/DM card. Till now everytime I need more tracks I use the ADAT connection with the Behringer ADA-8000 without any problem. However this time I will need to add more 8 tracks. Because I have this card I think that can be possible. The problem is that I can't find a way to do it.
I'm using a D-Sub analog xlr cable to connected to the Behringer ADA-8000 and the iF-AN/DM and I don't have any signal... however if I connect the cable directly to the mic when I kick it i see a little signal on the track....
Maybe this octo-pré doesn't work for this job... or I'm doing something wrong...
Can anyone tell me a solution to use this card with mic's?

Kind regards,
João Peixoto
Hi Joao

Umm, perhaps I'm misunderstanding...... the IF-AN/DM is an analog I/O card - and isn't the ADA-8000 an analog to digital convertor? It makes sense that the digital output from the ADA would go into the ADAT, but not into the IF-AN/DM as it would be expecting an analog signal....
Whoa....Please reread what you wrote.
You say you have the ADAT cable plugged into the ADA 8000 AND a D-Sub analog XLR also connected to the ADA 8000? Then your last sentence mentions an Octo-Pre? Like a Focusrite Octo-pre?

Do you actually have the D-Sub to XLRs plugged into a Focusrite Octo-Pre? If so, you should know that the XLRs on the back of your Oct-Pre are mic pres, not XLR analog outs. You should be using TRS 1/4" plugs for your Octo-Pre's 8 outs.
he posted twice...I just replied to the other one.
I'm so sorry but was a mistake in the post and I can't delete one of them.. or I can't find where...

I use the ADA8000 connected by Adat and work perfectly. But I want add more mics to my Dm3200 using the iF-AN/DM.
How can I do it?
I have the D-SUB - xlr female analog cable.
Really I can't find any documentation online about that... I need a cheap way to do it because i will not use this so often, it's only for special occasions.

Thanks for your help!
The IF-AN/DM card will accept line level signals from virtually any device - a preamp, outboard FX, a CD player etc etc. You may need a patchbay or alternative cables or adapters to connect your XLRs.

fwiw I have 2 x IF-AN/DM cards - one has DB25-XLR cables for outboard and the other has DB25-TRS cables for more outboard :)
Hi Drumstruck,

I already have a DB25-XLR female for inputs. Do you think with a Adaptor XLR Male To Mono Jack I can connect without any problems to a Octopre?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Hi otoxeip,

I haven't used an octopre, but looking at the picture on their site it has 8 combo inputs and 8 TRS outputs - so if you want to use it as a pre you'd need a DB25-TRS snake to input to your IF card.

If you already have the octopre why don't you just use the ADAT? - that would give you 8 inputs at 44.1/48 or 4 at 88.2/96.....

If you don't have the octopre yet I'd suggest some alternative pres for some different colour ;-)
I have one Behringer ADA8000 and I connect by ADAT already... but in this case I will need 32 tracks... So I have 16 on Dm3200 + 8 on ADAT and I hope more 8 on iF-AN/DM...
All this tracks I will record by Firewire connection...
I will only use this 2 times and because of that I don't want spend so much money... in normal days the 16 Tracks are enough to me.

But do you have any other solution?
Maybe not a solution, but a few suggestions.... ;-).

Could you borrow or hire a unit with 8 preamps?

A 500 series lunchbox with 8 nice pres might be the best option.....

or a small analog mixer with direct outs, though these would probably be TRS ports so you'd need a DB25 to TRS snake .....

These units have quite nice pres and TRS out + ADAT I/O for a reasonable price, but you'd still need a DB25 to TRS snake.....

There are a multitude of solutions - depends on your $s and the likelihood of needing this again.
For what it's worth, that SM OctoPreamp's specs aren't particularly stellar. <>105db signal to noise, and max (likely noisy) gain of 58db (acceptable for condensers, not so great for low power dynamics) are nothing to write home about.

Then again, if it's going to be used in a limited way, it might be okay. But you get what you pay for, which in this case, is a device with reduced performance compared to the DM's hardware.



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