How do you Record live performances.?


Jul 25, 2013
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This may be a little long but like I said I've been laid up the last 5 yrs. I always loved the sound of recording with the DM3200 and the MX2424 but I may have found out why everyone went with other DAWs, SPEED! The software in the MX is so slow and I need some tips to help speed things up. Could someone answer these questions?
If I record in tape mode I can't just press rec and record the whole performance, because I wouldn't be able to cut the performance into individual songs in order to convert to wav, correct?
If I rec in destruct mode I can cut the performance into individual songs but then I have to render each song and then convert to wav, correct?
(I'm afraid to record each song in tape mode for 2 reasons, 1. I might forget to hit record or 2. the machine might be “Busy” and therefore I may miss the beginning of a song.)
So is there a quicker way to do this? Is there another way to convert these files to wav faster than the MX can?
How do you Record live performances.?
Record the live show in tape mode and do not hit stop, record the whole show in one go. When you want to edit the show later you can change to project to non-distruct and then you can edit. What I usually do is smart copy the original tape mode project to a new name so that the original tape mode project is still intact in case you have an editing disaster.

Another option is to export the track wav files into another DAW software and edit in that.

I think you miss my point Alan, If I do that then I have to convert it back to tape mode before I can render and export (converting to wav) I'm tryig to skip those two steps, Rendering takes FOREVER!
BTW, I am exporting for other DAWs, maybe I didn't make this clear. I'm thinking the fastest way is to record each song/project in tape-mode and convert right to wav. Skips about 3 steps...Right???
If you are exporting, why not record in tape mode and export the whole recording then cut it up into songs? The reason it takes time when you hit stop is because it has to finish writing the files and graphic files, by hitting stop between songs you risk not being able to create a new project and hitting record in time.

Ture rendering takes a long time especally large projects, but it's not the software being slow it's because of the large files that a project can contain.

Thanks guys, getting a lot of different ways, some better, some longer, some good and very little bad! LOL
I hope I'm still on the DM-3200 page, weren't there several "set-up snapshots" somewhere? It takes forever to set-up a 16 record/16 mix or a 24 record/24 mix or efx going to 33-34 and 35-36, or analog in dig out etc, etc, I think you get my drift....

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