How to assign TC effects to Auxs using Encoders


Oct 17, 2012
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This post was really beneficial to me and I still use it today, especially for cue mixes. Thank you Micheal Farrow.

There have been a lot of questions about FX. The basic concept is that from any channel that you want to use an effect on, you have to send some signal to the effect input. Then you have to bring the output of the effect to a channel and assign it to the monitor.

If you start by recalling a preset from the library (on the number keypad ALT 5) like DRY TRACKING (screenshot 1) you will be off to a good start because there are some useful defaults: FX 1 returns on channels 25 & 26, FX 2 returns on channels 27 & 28. This can be seen on the ROUTING PAGE (ALT 6) with the INPUT TAB selected. These are the outputs of the effects and the faders must be up and they must be assigned to the monitor (usually STEREO for the CR speakers and/or AUX 1/2 for headphones).

Still on the ROUTING PAGE, select the OUTPUT TAB and you can use pod 3 to find out what goes to FX 1 (shown) or FX 2. You can see that aux 5/6 are normalled to FX 1 and aux 7/8 are normalled to FX 2. So any instrument or voice you want to add reverb to (FX2) should be sending aux 7 & 8. This is done most easily with the encoders. Just below the Jog/Data wheel are gray buttons that control the function of the encoders. The 2nd from the top makes the encoders be AUX SENDS 1-8. Note that 5/6 and 7/8 are stereo pairs with 5 and 7 being the pan and 6 and 8 being level. If you want to add reverb to channel 5, press the select key above channel 5 and rotate the encoder 8 until the reverb is heard.

By pressing number keypad 4 (no ALT) you can take a look at what channels are feeding FX 2 (aux 7/8). In the screenshot only channel 1 is sending.

To select an effect you go to the EFFECTS PAGE by pressing the center bottom button on the number keypad. Then press the button under FX2 lib and you can select a proper reverb.

Once you have recalled the effect you want, press the center bottom button on the number keypad again and you can alter the parameters of the effect. Use the cursor keys to navigate from one set of parameters to another. Once you get the great effect for the 21st century, you can save it to the CF card for future use.

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