How to delete redundant virtual tracks?


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Oct 27, 2013
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I import edited wave files from my computer to the virtual tracks on the Neo. I assign them to the Neo tracks and then I may want to re-edit them. So I wind up with several virtual tracks that I have replaced with edited versions. This eats up a big chunk of the song. Almost 5 minutes for each virtual track that is not being used.

I tried "Clean Out" and it doesn't let me specifically pick a virtual track to get rid of. I have to do a 'work around' and create a 'new song' and all load the tracks that I am using to the new song. Then if it works out, I delete the 'old' song and that cleans out all the unused virtual tracks and I get minutes back.

Is there another way to get rid of the virtual tracks to free up HD space?

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