How to export tracks to line up with a pro tools session?


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Sep 5, 2013
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Here's my issue:

I recorded a live band in a 'real' studio! Then took a stereo mix home to overdub keyboards, drum machine etc... on my 2488 Neo.

Now I need to take the overdubbed tracks back into the studio to mix on the studio's Pro Tools system.

How do I export the tracks I've overdubbed and get them to line up with the Pro Tools session?

Re: How to export tracks to line up with a pro tools session

Hi again,

If you have started your overdubbing at say 1:02 into your song, the I believe the exported wav file will start there and you will have a synch problem. You could test this out by exporting a track to see what happens.

A quick fix would be to bounce the overdubbed track to another track but start the bounce at 00:00. This should mean that the wav file of the overdub starts at 00:00 when you inport it into Pro Tools and should hopefully sync with the rest of the track. I dont use Pro Tools so am not sure about syncing issues - I suspect you need to make sure your sample rates etc all match.

Re: How to export tracks to line up with a pro tools session

Thanks again.

It was a little tricky but I managed to export my tracks onto the FAT partition, drag them into Pro Tools, line everything up there with a new rough mix (new vocal), do a little clean up, get rid of some silence at the start of the track from the previous rough mix and consolidate and export each file for the mixing session. One cool thing i figured out was that the insert button on the 2488 Neo acts as a select tool when you are selecting which tracks to export so you can select multiple tracks. I though I'd have to do them one by one.

It can be a little perplexing and limiting, but I really like being able to quickly record when an idea hits with the Tascam - just plug an instrument or a mic into a channel and play with no latency or possibilities of head scratching to figure out why something isn't working. Then take it into the computer to do whatever editing is needed, export and mix in a pro environment. I like this little machine!

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