How to get MIDI ports working on DM-3200 FW card?

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Mar 2, 2013
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Hi folks, I have been able to use the main MIDI IN port on the DM-3200 to connect a MIDI controller keyboard and feed MIDI through to Logic on the Mac. However, I am unable to get the MIDI IN port on the IF-FW card to work. Note, I am using the newest DM-3200 firmware (V1.72b3), and newest IF-FW MkII firmware (v1.3f10_188754). The Audio MIDI Setup utility on the Mac recognizes the IF-FW MIDI port is available, but I am getting no MIDI data being transferred at all.

In the DM-3200 manual (page 91) it says that on the MIDI / SETUP screen of the DM-3200, '.. Finally at the bottom, the slot FireWire card MIDI connection can be switched on and off.' But when I view that screen I do not see that option on the bottom of the screen, it is completely missing.

I thought that maybe on that screen you first need to change the HOST PORT setting from USB to FireWire so you can see that FW card option at the bottom. But I am not even able to select the HOST PORT setting... the screen cursor is not able to move up to highlight that option.

What is going on? Are these things bugs in the DM and/or FW card firmware? Is there a way to get that FW MIDI port working? I'd like to be able to concurrently use both the main MIDI IN Port, and the FW card MIDI IN port to connect two separate controllers.

Any help very much appreciated!

I have also discovered the DM-3200 main MIDI OUT port is sending data out very sporadically. If I record 8 simple notes in a row, it will only send out 5 or 6 of them to an external sound module. I have tried switching MIDI cables but same problem. I have verified using MIDI Monitor app that Logic Pro is sending out the data properly, but the DM-3200 is not sending all notes out. Any ideas what the problem is?
Again, I know Logic about as well as the inner workings of the CIA. So I can't say anything for sure.

But you might want to upload a screen shot of your DM's MIDI screen (the one that looks like a 'plumbing' schematic.) It's possible there's something unassigned in the MIDI signal flow, a conflict among two or more sources, etc etc etc.

Yeah, that MIDI flow chart looks like a bowl of linguini at first light... Took me hours of staring to grok it.
Hi guys, thanks for your responses. Yes, took me a while to sort out that screen too. See my configuration attached as JPEG screen photo, and note:

I am not using the DM-3200 at all for MTC or any other kind of remote mixer control. I am only wanting to use MIDI for connecting two keyboard controllers and one sound module to the mixers main MIDI IN/OUT ports to get data to and from my Mac (and ideally I would additionally like to use the FW card MIDI ports). Therefore I have disabled all MIDI routing except for the MIDI IN/OUT ports and the USB2: I/O port.

Regarding filter settings, I am only wanting to pass Note ON/OFF and Cntl Change data (no Pgm changes), so you can see I have only checked C.Chg and Other in the USB2: I/O port section. Is this configuration correct?

Any guesses then why:
1. MIDI IN is working reliably (all notes recorded by Logic in the Mac), but MIDI OUT is only sporadically sending out note data?
2. My screen is not showing the FW MIDI port option at the bottom?
3. I cannot move the screen cursor to select the HOST PORT option at all?


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Hmmmm. This is a puzzler. I know the FireWire card has MIDI ports. And yet I just spent a few minutes trying to figure out where and out to change the HST PORT from USB to the card in Slot 1... and I can't find it. I've been through every page in the menus looking for it, and I'm stumped. So, what are those MIDI ports for? Are they not for running MIDI message for remote control, are they for connection to an external MIDI interface... well, wait a minute, I have mine connected to my MOTU MIDITimepiece, but that's using the built-in ports on the back of the console...

Well, what the heck?
True. There seems no way to access the control parameter to enable the FW MIDI ports. Page 91 of the DM-3200 manual says there should be a parameter/switch visible at the bottom of the MIDI SETUP screen, but there is not. And there is no way to select the HOST PORT parameter to change it to Firewire (if that, in fact, has any effect on the FW MIDI port setup). This is why I wonder if the Tascam team mistakenly removed that parameter from the MIDI SETUP screen during one of the last firmware updates?

You say you are using the main MIDI In/Out ports on the DM-3200 successfully for sync with your MIDI Timepiece. Interesting. All I know is that, for me, I have been unable to get the MIDI OUT to work reliably to send simple note on/off data to an external sound module.

Capt. Dan... any thoughts on this? Do you ever remember seeing the FW MIDI switch appearing at the bottom of the SETUP screen? Have you ever used the MIDI OUT port for sending note on/off data to an external device?
You say you are using the main MIDI In/Out ports on the DM-3200 successfully for sync with your MIDI Timepiece. Interesting. All I know is that, for me, I have been unable to get the MIDI OUT to work reliably to send simple note on/off data to an external sound module.

Well, I'm not sending note on/off data through those ports: I'm just using them for MIDI time code for the DM's internal automation (I mix OTB and use the DM's automation heavily).

So I dunno. They work for what I use them for.
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Is there a way to get that FW MIDI port working? I'd like to be able to concurrently use both the main MIDI IN Port, and the FW card MIDI IN port to connect two separate controllers.
I don't use the IF-FW MIDI-ports myself, but I think your expectation of their fuction is not correct. The IF-FW is meant to be an audio/MIDI interface to your computer, with the DM being the audio part, and the two MIDI ports being the MIDI-part. These to be used not to control the DM directly but to give you MIDI IN/OUT to your computer, hence it makes sense to not have filtering available, since that would be done in your DAW. It is more or less stated that way in the IF-FW manual.

Which doesn't mean it still is weird that the ON/OFF switch for the IF-FW MIDI is not available in your screen.. I'll check mine tomorrow in the studio.
Well,...Damn. It's not there. I'm looking in the manual, page 91 and on my MIDI display page. Nothing at the bottom and no way to change the Host Port. I've never needed to use mine either, but at least the option should be the same as it says in the manual. That sounds like a firmware issue. I believe Redbus would handle this.
I do see the option for "IF-FW/DM mkII MIDI Port" listed in my daw's MIDI devices and it seems to be configurable for both input and output. But nothing on the display about it.
Oh boy! I tried to be silent.

The MIDI ports on the FW card do transmit MIDI data from midi keyboards. I run all my MIDI stuff into a MOTU MTP AV MIDI router and then I run the IN/OUTS to the FW card with no issues. The MIDI outs from the DM is used strictly for MTC and External Controls like I mentioned in my Pro Tools and Cubase control videos. Please see my videos with setup details in the stickies. I do show my settings in DM on Pro Tools video.

I've got A LOT OF CABLES running MIDI through the MOTU MTP AV, so I think You may have to do some more research. In fact, That how I'm able to be Ultra silly triggering my Korg Kronos with a MIDI guitar.

This Part 1 I start playing at 00:59). You can watch Part 2 if you want. Good Luck.
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For the record, Jamsire, I hope you seriously consider dropping your cone of silence. I look forward to your input, especially as a DM/midi guru here, and even more so when a cool video is attached!

So, I guess the real question here would be, since the FW Midi port does route keyboard data into and out of the a user's computer over the FW cable (shared, I guess, with 32channels of audio), why can't the OP send and receive MIDI data? Is it as simple as plugging in a keyboard into the FW MIDI IN jack and enabling it in one's DAW? Like any other MIDI port?

Second, why is it not on the display like it shows in the manual. It seems, in the manual, that there is supposed to be more stuff on the midi page.
I love the cone of silence. Brings me back.

The FW card will not show up on the MIDI page I guess because it's a slot thingy. I think the best thing to do is get a MOTU MTPAV USB. This has software that helps you manage all of your midi ports from the computer.

I have two networked MTPAV's, but they are the parallel versions. The second unit takes the MTC from the midi out port in the board and the the other port handles the External control stuff I spoke about in my video.
Yeah, I don't see the IF/FW MIDI port on my MIDI screen either. I always ASSumed it either didn't exist, or maybe was included in a Firmware version I don't have, or don't need. :)

Just checked - the entry in the DM's MIDI page is not present here either. I guess it was removed from firmware since it doesn't really make sense, having no direct bearing whatsoever on the DM itself.
Hi guys, sorry if I'm being a little dense here, but from all of the above responses, are you implying that I should simply be able to connect a MIDI controller to the FW card MIDI input and it will send MIDI data through to my Mac? Nope, doesn't work. And yes, the FW MIDI ports are showing up in the Mac's Audio MIDI Setup utility, but there is no MIDI data coming through, and no way to 'enable' that port. jamsire: how have you been able to enable those FW card MIDI ports to work with your computer? Did you do any special setup on the DM itself, or on your Mac, or did they just magical 'work' for you? I am on the verge of just buying a separate MIDI/USB interface if I can't use the DM for this purpose.
HOLD THE PHONE!! This is crazy, but I just test this one more time to be sure... and magically the FW MIDI ports are now WORKING. Yes, I can play notes from the controller into the MIDI IN and they register in Logic, and the MIDI OUT is simultaneously passing notes to my sound module (likely through the MIDI pass through of Logic). And recorded MIDI notes in Logic are played back to the MIDI OUT to the sound module reliably. There is no sporadic notes like there were with the DM main MIDI OUT port. So I have achieved what I needed: I have two MIDI IN ports that work reliably, and one MIDI OUT port that also works now reliably. I have no idea what the FW MIDI ports did not work previously, but all is well. Thanks to everyone that responded!
Carry on.
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