How to make both my 1884 & 828mk2 speak via midi

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Mar 4, 2013
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I'm using 2 audio interfaces & the Roland MV8800 (sounds & sequencer) with soft synths and an ext Keyboard a Fantom X7 for sounds & as a controller? I'm using the Motu 828mk2 (1 midi in/out) MV88 & FW-1884 (4 midi in/out) for the Fantom & all other ext sound modules. I use the MV88's sequencer and I need all the sounds to come into the MV88 but control them with the Fantom X7. I can get midi signal & sound when I select my keystation midi omni only. Nothing when i select a midi channel tho. I'm using Sonar X2 btw... Any suggestions? The objective is to sequence everything with the mv8800 using the Fantom as the controller.
Did you ever figure this out? From what I can tell from your description it sounds like you want to store all of the sequences in the MV88 only and nothing on the Sonar. Ther are lot of ways to make the midi connection but in order to make it work, you'll have to do a lot patch and re-patch since the MV88 only has two midi outs (32 ch max) you'll have a very limited numbers of the external sound modules that you can output the sequence to. Basically, you'll be relying on the MV88 internal sounds for most of your sequences.
For Recording the sequesce/controller I would connect the X7 midi OUT directly to the MV88 midi IN. I would also use the omni/off/poly mode for the X7 and set both the X7 and the MV88 to the same channel as you record each track. This will give you 128 instruments sounds; one per channel.
For playback routing; midiA would goes to the 828 or 1884 for the soft synth and the midiB to the X7. If you have more sound modules then use the midi THRU on the X7 to feed them.
I hope this help.

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