how to play .wav files using sonar 5PE and fw-182


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Dec 2, 2012
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tascam FW-1082
just unpacked my 1082, been sitting in closet for a few years. How can you play .wav files from my hd. (albums ripped and stored there) with either sonar5 or reason? can any when clue me in to how to do this. Everthing is setup as i can still play project files in sonar and monitors are working. any help greatly appreciated.
Use IMPORT to bring a wav file onto a track in Sonar. Sonar 5 was a long time ago in digital music years but I believe you will find IMPORT under the file menu.
Drag and drop them in, I do that with Studio One all the time when I want to hear a Wave or mp3 quick for reference or just listening while its open.. I have done it with Sonar as well.

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