How to record DJ/Mixer audio to a DR-series Recorder?


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Aug 17, 2014
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Hi guys, I’m a photographer and new to audio. I’m about to film a wedding with my dSLR for my buddy. I have some question about recording audio from the reception DJ/Mixer and hope you can answer my questions.

I currently have a Tascam DR-40 mounted on my dSLR to record close-range audio (tested and working fine). At the reception, I need another recorder to record from the DJ (where all the speeches/toasts/mic go to. However I don’t know what the audio output level from the mixer. Is there any consumer output on a mixer (eg. -10dBV) or they are all Line Level (+4dBu) output?

I’m debating what recorder to purchase in order to rec audio from the mixer with minimal adapter needed. Tascam DR-40 Line In is at +4 dBu (via TRS/XLR), and the Tascam DR-05 Line In is at -20dBV (via 3.5mm). Even if I’m able to find a -10dBV consumer output on a mixer, none of the Tascam model’s Line in come close to -10dBV. Is this a problem or it may work just fine? Which recorder would you recommend buying between the two?

Thank you in advance!
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