How to renew / repair sticky motor-faders... [solved]

bob humid

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Feb 11, 2014
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cheers everyone,

just sharing this:
sticky and erratic motor-faders on a TM-D4000 are easy to repair. buy a bottle of Ballistol and spray it directly into the fader-rail. try moving the faders to both extremes up and down (one scene with all faders up, one with all faders down) by switching the scenes...

this is a soft alkaloid oil (only takes away the corrosion, while acting as a proteciting oil as well) that will keep the usability of the TM-D4000 for several years of use, even in a smokers studio... this oil was generally invented to maintain weapons, but it works on electronics as well...

its also absolutely non-toxic (even drinkable)...
How long has the fix worked? Most of the time I've seen the plastic toothed belts on the faders get a "set" in them, binding, or creating "slop" so the mixer can't get accurate feedback on position.
this went away on our machine. we bought the mixer used from a smoker and he was very surprised to hear the faders are working again..

I think I sprayed the rails (directly at the fader grip) some 4 years ago... still smooth but I am thinking to refresh...

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