How to transfer pan tracks with TASCAM Porta 02 MKII


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May 28, 2013
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Hello. I have a TASCAM Porta 02 MKII and i'm wondering if anyone knows of a way, when transferring tracks to digital, how to allow panning. Everytime i transfer my tracks they transfer mono.
Please clarify what do you mean by 'transferring tracks to digital'.

1. What are you trying to achieve?
1a. Mixdown into digital recording equipment
1b. Copy all 4 tracks to 4 different tracks of your recording equipment
2. What is your digital equipment you are trying to transfer your tracks to?
3. etc ... all further information may help on finding out the solution.
I mostly just transfer the 4 tracks into a one track in garageband so i can put it on a cd. I realize i could probably transfer each track into 4 separate tracks in garage band and pan it in garageband, but i'm hoping there's another way, perhaps a device that needs to go between my four track and computer, or something that simply allows the panning i choose on the four track to get transferred to a final state in garage band...
OK. So what do you mean by saying "they transfer mono"? Is it:
1. GarageBand records only left or right channel (waveform display on GB shows 2 waveforms on the track, but one is just straight line)
If this, you may have wrong, faulty or misconnected cable between Portastudio and Mac.
2. GarageBand records both channels, but they are the same (two waves on GB waform display, but plays on-the-center of stereo image)
If this, have you connected your PortaStudio's PHONES out to Mac's input and pressed Portastudio's MONO button?
3. GarageBand records a mono track (only one waveshown on the waveform display on GB's track)
Tell GB to record a stereo track (don't remember how ... been more than 5 years since I tried GarageBand).

Yes you indeed can transfer 1 track (or 2 tracks) a time into GarageBand, but synchronizing the tracks may be horrible (if not impossible) job.But if you succeed you can then edit tracks, add effects, which may (or may not) be worth of trouble.
Wow! that was easy. I searched around on Garage band and finally found where to change the settings from mono to stereo! I can't believe how easy that was! After all these albums I've done! Thanks Jarno. I feel like an idiot but now I'm super happy!

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