How to transfer songs to partition 2 to free up disc space


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Nov 17, 2012
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digital portastudio dp-01FX
hi i have been mastering some tracks on my tascam dp-01fx and everything has been going well. No i have come to the stage where it says that my disc is full. so seeing as I have only used up the space on 1 partition, i would like to transfer some songs over to partition 2 to free up some space, instead of deleting songs.

please help
My first thought is why don't you start using partition 2?
Is it possible to use partition 2 by transfering some songs over there, AS some of the songs are not complete but just need to be mastered and there isnt enough space to master them where they are on partition 1
Now i got you. I'm not sure if i tried to transfer a song to partition 2. I may have to go back over my manual, because i'm curious. My recorder is full now, and i'm gonna have to zap something. I usually take my incomplete songs/ideas, and put them on cd, then delete them from my recorder. You may have to look for ways to back up your song(s) with a usb cable onto your computer. I haven't tried any of that yet. At around 100 bucks on ebay, i'm seriously thinking about getting another dp-01. Can you maybe copy the song and assign it to partition 2, and then master it with the free space on partition 2? These are questions for me too.
the song can be copied but there is no paste option, Looks Like the only solution is to delete the songs off there that have been completed already to free up room, so that i can complete the unfinshed tracks.

cant find anyway to transfer items between partition 1 and 2
Hi :)
I do not own a dp-01, but a quick look at the manual shows at page 41:
Menu song - copy. There it is possible to copy songs from Part1 to Part2.
Or I'm wrong?

Sorry for my english :-(
Regards Peter
Thanks Pittie. I never got around to looking up manual. This will give me more space, and hopefully help danny. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Copying songs
The DP-01 disk is divided into “partitions” (see “Disk management”
on page 40). You can use different partitions for different purposes:
old songs/new songs, or instrumentals/vocal numbers, for example.
You can also use
the multiple selection procedure described in “Erasing many songs at one time” on
page 22 to copy many songs at
This function allows you to copy a song to another partition.
1 From the SONG menu, select the COPY action:
2 Highlight a song and press ENTER.
When the DP-01
leaves the factory,
the disk has three “native” partitions.
3 Use the jog wheel to select the “target” partition that the song will be
copied to. As you scroll through the partitions, you will see the available free space figure change, so you will always know if there is
enough space for the song.
4 Press ENTER when you’ve selected the target partition.
You are asked if you want to copy the song (Are you sure?).
Press ENTER to copy the song, or EXIT to cancel the operation.
5 The DP-01 then provides you with a progress report as it carries out
the copying operation. When it is finished, you see the copy screen
I've been experimenting with this. U may not need to backup on computer; but even that is easy (after alot of trial and error)

Hit menu
enter "BACKUP" mode
enter song to be backed up
- change file name with jog wheel if you want to - It will write your file to the "FAT REFORM" partition. Give it a little while. This is stored as data , i think.
Your screen should change from "writing file" to "reading song", then when it's done, you'll be at the backup menu.

To see if your song has been backed up - hit menu, backup, then song restore, and you'll see a list. After it's in there, U can go back to the partition and erase that song, and load it up later by using "song restore".

If your backup is full, you can save song data on computer and clear your backup partition "FAT REFORM"

This is going to save me alot of trouble. If you need help, i hope i can explain it better.
hi all thanks a bunch for ur replies i ended up sorting it
but now i have a new problem
it says master track too big when ever i try to export a mastered track to wav

what can i do fix this
The third partition is pretty small. perhaps you need to clean that partition out before you can export the master to it. Also if you just want to finish some songs and need a little more space, you can clean out unused snippets in other songs that are complete. I forgot what this is called but I know its easy to find in the manual.

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