HS-P82 deleted folders/files still show up in USB interface


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Dec 7, 2013
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When I delete a project while in mirror mode, the folder is gone from my projects list on both cards. But then when I activate the USB link, it shows up on my Macbook's Finder. And the sound files will indeed play back on the Macbook. What is going on? Is it an undocumented "feature" that deleted items aren't deleted from the PC interface until the cards are formatted? They only go invisible on the HS-P82's display? I presume they are taking up space? Then the only thing you can do if you delete a project to reclaim the space it took up is to format the cards? Then you lose your current projects.

If this is the case, it certainly makes it difficult to be working on multiple projects. Since the manual warns against renaming or deleting anything from the PC side, as well as against trying to load files to the recorder from the PC, this makes balancing more than one active project at a time difficult if they take up significant storage.

Is anyone from TASCAM monitoring these boards or am I just talking to myself?

- Rob

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