HS-P82 Enhancement Suggestion


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Dec 7, 2013
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Having eight input channels and eight iso tracks is great for field recording. One of the things we recordists often do is to split a mic (often a boom mic) and record through two input channels to two iso tracks, with the input gain lowered on one for a safe track in case an actor begins shouting unexpectedly and the main channel clips. I use a Y-adapter to split the mic input. It would be a plus (though not a top priority) to allow assigning the input of a channel to be the direct out (pre-input gain staging) of another channel so that the same input signal can be processed and recorded separately.

Also, how feasible would it be to enable overtracking (monitoring previously recorded tracks while laying down new tracks that are in sync)? It would make this thing a high-quality alternative to the Portastudios for musicians.

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