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Nov 25, 2012
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dm-24 dm-4800
I was setting up protools but no hui is listed in the supported devices. How do I put one there?
Go to and it's explained there. The HUI.dll (I think) is in a map of unsupported controll devices... Of some sort. Once it is in your protools installation it can be setup.
I will try I was thinking it was in the tascam as there are all kinds of controls there and I never sent anything to set them up, for sonar it works ok mmc was listed
thank you
Nope. HUI is a digidesign thing and can be downloaded there... It is however very robust and very good to use. I have used my DM24 with Protools and although it's only 8 faders it works very well...

My other controller has 60mm faders where the Tascam has 100 mm faders. And you can really use that extra 40 mm's.
see that is where I get lost I set up sonar by finding the mmc listed on the dm and hi light it then put the surface in sonar. for pro tools the instruction are to find the hui in the dm but it si not there to hi light!
Sonar and HUI does not work. There is a dll for Sonar available on the Tascam website. But I do not think it works well. I only use MMC (=transport).

I think Cubase and the DM24 works better. Not good but better. Protools works really well.. Though...

Since Sonar does not support HUI I suggest you use a remote controller that supports Mackie Controll and use the DM24 as a audio mixer. It will save you a lot of frustration. Or upgrade to a DM3200 or DM4800. As their Mackie Controll is very nice...
I also have a DM 4800 and both sonar mmc and HUI for protools are listed and both work but I have to keep on adding and removing the assignment to make one or the other work. so I wanted to use the dm 24 on protools only but the hui setup is not listed. And that is what I am trying to find out how to get it listed in the DM 24 so pro tools will see it. thank you. John
I have that same issue. I cannot save two presets each with only HUI and the other with MMC. Doesn't work...
That is why I want to use the DM-24 with pro tools but the hui setting in not listed in the unit itself.
The HUI emulation feature was added with firmware revision 2.0. What version is your console? The most recent version of DM24 software is 3.0 which supports the firewire card, you can buy the eproms and install them or try downloading the firmware and flashing them yourself.
Well that must be it my version is 1.60 will tascam have flash up software and info on installing it?
I must say thank you as I tried everything

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