I cannot upload a file or insert a link with my new number


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May 28, 2022
I was tonight trying to submit my new number with production details here, but it says I "do not have permission" to upload a file? So I am afraid this is not possible, which is a pity.
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Hi @tapeman01,
Noone can upload files to the forum, you need to use another service like SoundCloud or Youtube or similar to put your music on and then link to that from your post here.
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Yes. All my music has been on these 2 platforms for quite some time, but when I insert the link it does not appear in the text....
When you paste a link, you need to either select a word first and then click on the little chain symbol on top of the text editor and then insert the actual hyperlink. Or paste the hyperlink first and then select it to add the actual hyperlink to the 'text' version).

Like so
Or so: https://www.merriam-webster.com/
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I've made a test and my link works, but I cannot delete my post Test?
At the bottom of your post you should see 3 words in blue: "Edit" "Delete" "Report"
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