I/FW-DM MKII not working on OSX 10.9 please help


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Nov 28, 2013
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Hi, i am hoping you can help, i have just updated my OSX operating system to 10.9 and the IF/FW-DM MKII card in my DM3200 has stopped passing audio, i have read on the forums that people have been sent a beta version of the driver that will get my system working again on 10.9 (i think it is 1.30) can anyone send me a copy of this latest driver so i can get my studio working again. Also do i need to update anything else to get this working (DM3200 etc...) Look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Send me your email
Hi Brett, did it correct your problem?
I am having this issue. We have both a DM-3200 and a DM-4800 that are connected to Macs running Mavericks 10.9 and cannot pass audio. Is there and update or something that can be done?
You know, at this rate, every DM user with a FireWire card is going to be running the beta before they release it for realz.

can anyone send me the driver too?

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You know, at this rate, every DM user with a FireWire card is going to be running the beta before they release it for realz.

That is assuming that it gets released. It may never get released. This kind of thing happens all the time. Why? because if Tascam officially releases it, they will have to support it. With Beta, if it works, then good for us. If it doesn't work they are not obligated to fix it.
All the time, does it? The company spends all this time building and testing new driver, and a new Mac OSX comes out in the middle of it, so they start rewriting and retesting... and then they don't release it so they don't have to support it. Yeah. All the time. Right. I can tell you're a real industry insider.
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Indeed - as if Tascam is not interested in selling any new DMs with IFFW interface..
Yes it happens all the time with many companies. Product development priorities can change in mid cycle. You'd be be amazed how many products hardware and software over the years have been close to being completed and released and then abandoned. This includes updates for a new or updated OS. I have been involved in many myself over the years. Such is life in the product development world.
In the 7 months since I compiled V1.30f4, I haven't had any reports of unresolvable problems. In that time, OS X 10.9 came out officially, 10.9.1 came out,, a bunch of new Macs came out, Windows 8.1 was released, and we've got a backlog of products, drivers and OSes to test.
Since the IF-FW/DMmkII is having the least problems, it's at the end of the list. The only reason I can see for doing another release is if Apple does 10.9.2 with some internal changes that require a driver tweak, but judging by the number of USB audio problems being reported all over, I'm confident that 10.9.2 will at least be an improvement. Hence we're waiting for the USB audio problems to be resolved before going public with the FireWire driver.

Mavericks Audio has been a bumpy ride for everyone. The working pros have stayed well away.

Running OS X 10.9.2 (I know, I know......) just ordered one of the LAST DM-4800s available. Can anyone please send me the beta firewire driver for Mac? email s_elmore at charter.net
Thanks in advance...
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Just updated to the (released) OS 10.9.2 yesterday and all (so far) audio problems have gone. Hurrah!!
Hi Paul - Congrats! I wish I was in the same boat. Which Firewire drivers are you using?
v 1.30f4, the beta of the new driver for the IF-FW/DM mkII. Im soaking it now. So far rock solid. I think Apple have finally stabilised it
I'm also running IF-FW/DM mkII Control Panel, monitoring for dropouts. All good. Even the pops from iTunes have gone (which I noticed was a system-wide audio problem which I think Apple have fixed with 10.9.2)
Hey @RedBus ,
Nothing better than talking to the source! Can you PLEASE email me the latest rev of the Mac drivers? Running OS X 10.9.2 and 1.22 does not work for me. email is <musicbydesign at charter.net> TIA!
>>>>EDIT - I received a copy from Robert at tascam support - works great. Using it with MacPro early 2008 8 core 14GB ram, Digital Performer 8.06 and others. This unit replaced a Mackie D8B (I must be showing my age)
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Is it possible for someone to send me the the beta driver for the IF-FW/DM mkII?

I am using Logic Pro X on Maverick (10.9.2).

My email is... UselessInfo at me.com

I would really appreciate it :)
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