I have a problem with the channel number 12


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Oct 15, 2012
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DM 24
I have a problem with the channel number 12 As if it did not work. I thought it might xlr socket, but also on the input line does not work. If the gain potentiometer setting it up only when there is something faintly heard. I have a compressor and gate off. Does anyone of you know what could have happened?
Can you route into Channel 12 from another input, like analog 1 or a digital input? On the input return side if not on the input main side?
Does the problem occur only with an analog source or with a digital one as well?
With an analog source, do you get a signal at the channel insert jack?
Plug a pair of headphones into the insert jack. You should be able to hear your source on the phones if the input preamp circuit is working. Often the back contacts on the insert jack get dirty and the signal doesn't get passed on to the ADC. If this is the case, try plugging a bare stereo 1\4 inch plug into the insert jack and shorting the tip and sleeve contacts with an alligator clip lead. This will bypass the back contacts of the jack. If channel 12 works properly in this condition clean the insert jack with a small squirt of contact cleaner.

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