IF-FW/DM drivers not loading onto Windows 7 PC


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Dec 28, 2014
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Can anyone help? I have tried multiple times to load the drivers to the IF-FW/DM from the Tascam website, First generation IF-FW/DM card on to my windows 7 PC. It seems to start installation okay but then I get a red dialogue box saying the software has no digital signature but I just tell the box to load anyway. Then at the end of the installation I get a installation fail error. I don't know what to do from here. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance.
You might try executing the software under Win XP compatibility: right click on the .exe file and select 'properties' - I don't know by heart but you should get compatibilty options there to say you want to run as such.
I'd try to "run as administrator" first.
This may tell the tale:

First generation IF-FW/DM card on to my windows 7 PC.

If by 'First Generation' you mean the IF-FW/DMMKI (24 - not 32 channel) card, then it's possible the drivers you're attempting to load into Win7 are incompatible.

Your best bet if this is true - is to sell the MarkI card and get the current MKII version. You'll have 32 channels and modern drivers to run them.

Thanks Arjan, Cmaffia and CaptDan. I am at work now but will try it tonight and let you all know how it goes. Thanks again
FYI: if the Capt is right, that Mark I card is in great demand. You can likely sell it for the price you'd pay for a new Mark II. I've seen more than one offer on this very forum to trade a new, unused Mark II straight up for the card you have.
What we don't know, is whether the OP has a DM24 or a 3200/4800. The Mk II card may not be an option..

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