If-fw/dm mkii with osx mavericks

It certainly does with the driver now in beta testing. Apparently no different from ML as far as the IF-FW/DMmkII is concerned.

Is there a date for when it will be officially released out of beta?

And would the new drivers be backward compatible with OSX 10.7?
I don't know the answers to those questions, although it should be fine with 10.7... I can't imagine why it wouldn't be.

I know it's been in beta for a good long time, and they may only been waiting for Mavericks testing at this point... but that's pure conjecture on my part.
Just to clarify... what part of the discussion are you confirming? That the beta driver runs fine under Mavericks? Or that it runs under 10.7?
Does anyone have any idea when this will be released to the general public?

I am anxious to get going with Mavericks, but I don't want to be out of work dealing with a buggy beta.
The beta isn't at all buggy at this point. Been rock solid for months, and Mavericks has not affected it at all on my system.

I expect that they will release it as soon as soon as in-house testing makes Tascam confident it doesn't raise issues with Mavericks.
I'm having random freezes with mavericks and DM3200 IF/FW with pro tools 10.3.7.
Not sure if it's a USB problem, Pro tools problem, or Firewire problem...
What version of the IF-FW/DMmkII driver are you using? If it's the most recent version on the Tascam website (1.22, I think), that may be the problem. Since my system is running fine (and I don't use ProTools) I haven't got a clue.
There is a beta version out wich supersedes the 1.22 version driver ..... is what I'm told.
Hello all, @Gravity Jim, are you using1.30f4 version with Mavericks? If so I'll be switching over from ML today.
Jeff, I'm actually one behind that: 1.30f3. Still works great. You should be golden.

CLONE YOUR BOOT DRIVE FIRST. I have had zero problems, but some guys have reported massive problems, so just make sure you can go back quickly.
Hey Gravity Jim, thanks for the reply and the heads up.
v1.30f4 "sort of" works for me in Mavericks. I say sort of because I have no issues within my DAW (Cubase 7) or video suite (CS5.5), but I have intermittent issues with system audio, and the driver completely uninstalls itself after a cold boot. My suspicion is that the driver is probably optimized for MacBooks and iMacs, and less compatible with the much wider variety of Mac Pro configurations out there.
goodflow, as I have pointed out, the beta drive worked perfectly under ML and under Mavericks on my 3,1 8-core MacPro.

The driver is not in any way "optimized for MacBooks and IMacs" (whatever you might imagine that optimization to be), and speculating that it may be is a flight of fancy. FireWire is FireWire throughout the Mac range.

If you are having problems with system audio and a self-uninstalling driver, there is some other conflict in your system: there is no inherent conflict between the driver and OSX.
and I'm just pointing out that my experience does not reflect this, only to share my experience for whatever insights that might provoke. I have similar symptoms on 2 different machines and zero issues on a 3rd machine with an older driver and OS (all with the same DM), the symptoms are not regular enough for me to diagnose the problem but I also don't have enough information to rule out the driver and operating system.
Actually, you do have enough info.... Several reliable sources on this forum have said that the OS and the beta driver work fine together, so there is no inherent conflict. If there was, it wouldn't work on my 8-core and it does.

So, that's not it. I was just pointing out that speculation is never a good approach to problem solving. There is something on the two machines with trouble that isn't on the MB, but it's not Mavericks.... Something else is conflicting with your driver.

Besides, if you are running the beta driver, then you should be reporting these problems to RedBus, not trying to fix them here... Not all of us are running that driver or have upgraded to 10.9.

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