IF-FW/DM mkII with Windows 8.1


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Nov 6, 2013
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Hi all,
My old computer with Windows XP died, so I bought a new Dell with Windows 8.1. I also upgraded from Cubase 4 to Cubase 7. While trying to load uo to date drivers, I found the IF-FW/DM mkII driver installer file (on DM3200) fails to work . I've noticed many others who have had problems with loading with this combination. Does anyone know of a fix?
I am having the same issues. I have upgraded to windows 8, but have been unable to get drivers for IF/FW DM mkII. I read on another post that RedBus (Tascam engineer) will send you a beta 1.30 driver if you send him a PM. I did this yesterday, but am still waiting for a response.
Thank you much for your response, and I will ask RedBus for his beta. . I was thinking of reverting back to Windows 7, but it appears there may be issues with that version as well, so that is a last resort. I would be very interested in your outcome on this. Are you also working with Cubase?
No, I use sonar. I was using a RME Fireface, but it has stopped working, so I am trying the IF/FW DM mk II . So far no luck!
Just got the v1.30 driver. Will try to install it this evening. Let you know how it works.
Got the the DM3200 IF/FW-DM MKII WORKING WITH windows 8 and Sonar X3. Haven't had a chance to test it yet.
Did you get the drivers?
Is this 1.30 driver one that would replace the 1.22 driver for SONAR? Is it 32 or 64-bit?

Could you please put this up on the Internet and post a link? Thank you.
I received the beta v 1.30 driver from tduffy at tascam dot com
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It is the latest driver for IF/FW-DM mk II.
Hi there would one of guys please email it to me jayreaddy at gmail,or tell me where I could download it.thanks in advance
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I Just added the Companion and Drivers to My custom built PC 12GB Ram I7 Processor etc. Works long enough to get a 30sec to 1 min mix done. I hope the new beta driver makes a difference. I am using Vegas Video, tried Cubase 7 as well.

The problem seems to be the way the IF/FW DM mk II Firewire manages system resources, Because when I had and EMU sound card installed I had more problems. Other than that I LOVE Tascam! I go way back with this company and its High Quality sound.

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