IF-FW/DM (old) In Win 7 / 64 bit? Workaround?

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Jul 30, 2013
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Hey all,

My brilliant plan of buying a DM-24 and an MX-2424 and having an awesome versatile setup with firewire connection to PC has has failed.

After weeks or sourcing,ordering and buying and setting up gear is almost in vain. Apparently the cardIsearched so hard for (IF-FW/DM) cannot be installed in Win7 64bit or at least there are not drivers available for the card.

I am thinking all may not be lost if someone has figured out a work around. If there is anyone I am sure they would be on this forum.

I have read about putting your firewire card on legacy driver and also a possible way to avoid the unsigned driver block by win 7 so that the unofficial winxp64 driver 1.10 can be installed. Nothing has worked out for me thus far.

Before I give up on my "master studio setup" I thought I would plead my desperate case and ask if anyone has found a way to make this card work in Win 7 64 Bit.

Offcourse you can install OSX. Wich would make your machine work.

The WIN7 64bit should be able to work with the 1.10 WINXP (64bit) driver. You should be able to read up how to install unsigned drivers. When you've worked that out the driver should be installed. That should make the DM24 work.

Have you allready checked with a win32 machine how to setup the DM24?

If everything fails get a secondhand MOTU 2403 with a 404 card and use that. An RME HDSP card with ADAT or a RAYDAT should work too.

Someone may have sold you a DM24 IF FWDM card wich was malfunctioning to begin with. Maybe you should flash it's memory. Have you checked in the DM24 if the card is installed correctly?
Is version 3.0 firmware installed on the DM24
Is the IFFWDM working? Is 1.10 installed on the card
Is it working with a WIN-32bit setup.
What firewirecard do you use
Is the driver installed
Is the system rebooted
Muziekschuur said:
Is version 3.0 firmware installed on the DM24 = Yes
Is the IFFWDM working? Is 1.10 installed on the card = Yes
Is it working with a WIN-32bit setup. = Yes
What firewirecard do you use = I think an adaptec card but not sure of the chipset on the card.
Is the driver installed = Yes
Is the system rebooted = Yes

I thank you all for replies, I have been late replying with my status due to work. The answer to the above questions are all yes (not sure about card).

Currently, I have got the driver installed and working using the F8 option at boot time and selecting the disable signed drivers option.

I initially have some problems getting the card to lock on as it was reading trying to lock.... and streaming state: error. I tried to reflash firmware and it failed to download error, I then tried to reflash on the Win Xp system and it also failed. I then tried to reflash on a MacBook Pro and surprisingly enough it too crashed hard. The Mac went to blackscreen and force power hard reset message I thought I might have screwed my firmware /card permanently as it was then no longer recognized by any OS.

I took the card out of the DM and reseated and it was finally recognized again. I then was able to get the card to work by switching my firewire driver back to non-Legacy version, the IF-FW/DM did not want to load the driver with 1394 Legacy Host driver.

I am running now but just need to find a way to get the F8 at boot to select disable signed driver mode to boot automatically to make my life easier.

Any suggestions are appreciated and I am hoping this method holds up and will remain reliable for the card.

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