IF-FW/DMMKII 96k Not Working with DAW


Apr 11, 2013
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TASCAM DM3200 DM4800 x2 DR-4
I have had all three of my Mixers of over a year and I could never get my DM3200 or DM400 to work well at 96k with the IF-FW/DMMKII cards. Is there a special way to run them? One situation I am using Cubase and the Other situation I would like to use Vegas Video.

It seems that in the 96k mode the process becomes heavy for the system. All of my systems are I7 with great Ram and good specs. I made them myself. Please help me to understand and be happy with my units like everyone here. I am also considering Presonus Studio One version 2.5
Sounds like you have a very robust system. The question: is your computer up to the challenge?

96khz requires a fast, multi core CPU, a COMPATIBLE firewire card in the computer, large, fast hard drives (ideally more than one).

Also required: the latest, greatest Tascam Firewire driver This means at least V. 1.21.

There are other issues as well; as a prior Cubase/Steinberg user, I recall having to make some setting adjustments with regard to Buffers, VSTi throuhput, and ASIO parameters to prevent 96hz files from stuttering, stalling, and crashing into a car wreck.

Please let us know the particulars of your system so we can be of better assistance.

RE: Presonus Studio Live, etc: Why do you think that will solve your 96kz problems? And even if it does, and this is just my opinion, you'd be trading down the foodchain, losing some powerful benefits of the DM consoles. Studio/Live - or whatever it's called - is rather dumbed down; simplified for live/road use, stripped of certain functions to make it svelte, attactive, and superficially exciting. However, I know people who use them and like 'em just the same. There's more than one way to skin the audio cat, so to speak. ;)

As CaptDan told, 88.2/96k processing needs seriously more processing power than 44.1/48. In some cases (for example IR-based processing) this is 4x more than with lower sample rates! If you are using lots of IR-base reverb plugins and/or vintage gear emulations, you'll run out of processing power in no time.

Also you have to set your ASIO buffer to twice as big value to guarantee the same perfrmance.

Capt: He's not talking about StudioLive mixing consoles, but StudioOne DAW software.
Whoops! My mistake. I don't know much about StudioOne, so I apologize for my 'ASSumption. :)

But yes - demanding DSP requires big-time processing. I'm beginning to covet an 8 core CPU with HDrives in the 'terra' regions. Maybe next year. ;)

I understand I am truly feeling this load when I multitrack upward on any DAW. I can get it working but I got so spoiled with the 96k quality and I just wanted to know if anyone found a magic memory configuration switch somewher to give me better CPU/ Memory performance. I believe I have close to top specs, and I know that there are modules out there that run 192 efficiently. So 96 should be a breeze if I have the memory and CPU Power.
It's completely possible to run Cubase with DM (IF-FW/DM mkII) at high sample rates. I'm doing this myself ... and with a 5 years old PC. But ... I'm
1. Mixing OTB (inside DM, not inside Cubase), which saves resources.
2. Minimizing usage of processor-hungry plugin by using DM's EQs and compressors as far as possible.
3. Using a large ASIO buffer

There are other things to consider:
a. Your PC's FireWire chipset. IF-FW/DM mkII is picky on into which it's connected to. There's notes about this in IF-FW/DM mkII's documentation.
b. Your OS. IF-FW/DM mkII may have issues with Win7. There's beta driver out, which according to some forum members seems to help. In this case, you may contact forum member RedBus (TASCAM engineer Tom Duffy) and politely ask if he could send you the beta driver.

Don't give up yet. Maybe you may give us more information on your system (OS, FireWire connection) and your usage profile (mixing ITB/OTB, plugin usage, etc).
Are you recording to a second INTERNAL harddisk? Because you need to offload the data and have a continuous stream. The disk needs to be near empty to ensure maximum performance.

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