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Feb 16, 2014
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I was wondering what are the pros and cons using these cards. I have a DM3200 and need to either go with IFFW or the 2 IFAD. I use a 24 channel Hard disk recorder and need 24 ADAT optical so I also bought a Motu 2408 with PCI card.

I currently have the IF-FW and it is serving well but have been thinking quite a bit on exchanging it for the IFADs. I know alot of people here are using the IF-FW, and those who have a DM4800 can have the both and some. I am not an experienced user it is only been 10 weeks at most.

I recall someone here who uses the Motu 2408 w/ PCI said if the mixer goes bad you're not out of buisiness (referring to the use as an interface). Alot of talk about compatible PC firewire as well in which I will have to investgate as I currently only get 16 channels.

But what are some other pro's and con's?

Sample rates?

Synchronization difference?


Anything information experienced users can point out I would greatly appreciate.

I also do alot of live performance syncing with pre-tracked songs/backing tracks from my hard disk recorder into the DM3200. I have noticed when trackin into DAW, the DAW is not able to keep a consistent start location when receiving the pre-tracked audio from the Hard Disk Recorder over multiple takes. I am wonder how to resolve this type of work flow. Perhaps what I am trying to do requires a second Hard Disk Recorder instead of the use of a DAW? That might also decide which cards for my DM3200 I need to go with?
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Long story short: stick with Firewire. ADAT is restricted to 48kz unless you utilize it in SMUX (sp?) mode which halves the amount of available channels. But if you don't care about 88.2 or 96kz, and for some reason are disgusted with firewire, then next best solution is the tried and true ADAT.

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