If-fw question.


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Nov 9, 2012
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Dm4800 msr16
Just got my fw card and seems to be working fine. But struggling with the routing.
I'm getting a signal but just seems to be a stereo signal. It comes up on channel 1-2 on the meter, and I can route it across the board with the output routing page.
I'm on logic 9 osx 10.7.6 I have latest update and firmware is 1.10.
I simply want my meter and channels to reflect whats going in and out of logic, as in remote mode.
Is there a preset for this. The fw manual didn't shed much light.
I will add when I run the update firmware app from the tascam site it did say "no card found" even though the dm sees it and gives a signal.
Any help please.

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