I'm worried about how to transfer tracks back to the M12, from the DAW, in sync.


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Mar 23, 2024
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My plan is, to pre-produce basic tracks in my DAW, and to fine tune them, and then later send them over to our Tascam Model 12. But i'm afraid, that we couldn't transfer them to the M12 all in one go, since i doubt, we could transfer all tracks 'in sync' to our Tascam.

But if we would transfer the tracks one by one, how could we align them to be all in sync, on the M12 side? I suppose, that we cannot move starting positions around, once we have the tracks in the M12.

Basically my questions are, can we transfer, say, 6 tracks on different channels from the DAW to the Tascam at once, from a simple computer with noch sound card and no further interface to the Tascam in just one move, keeping them aligned, in sync?

Or, can we fine tune the starting positions of each track afterwards, when tthe tracks are on the Tascam?

Third option, maybe we wouldn't even need to have those tracks on the Tascam, but use it as a mixing device to mix down the tracks. Then again, we'd like to record our physical bass guitar and all other guitars on the M12. I know, it sounds complicated. The best option would be, if thera was a way to transfer all DAW stuff 'in sync' to the Tascam, and complete our track by recording the missing bass/guitar tracks.

Any thoughts?
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If you render all those tracks to files in one pass then they will all have the same start point.
Yes, but if we transfer them over to the Tascam, the starting points can be off for fractions of a second. That's my concern.

Edit: i think, it shoul dwork. I was thinking of recording audio, but actually they are all just audio files, which all should be aligned "to the left", so it would work.
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