Importing CD tracks to stereo pair; I forgot how to do it


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May 15, 2013
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DP24_DR07_424 portastudio
I use my DP-24 mainly to record drums, then export into Pro Tools. I forgot how to load the CD and put a stereo CDA track onto "tracks 13/14, 15/16" etc.... manual doesn't cover the issue.... I know you just press "CD" and there my memory goes, I don't see the menu I used to see....wanna put a prepared stereo track w/ no drums into machine so I can overdub 7 tracks of drums. HALP! Thanx. -Regards. Rick Harper.
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Hi Rick,
First make sure none of the editing buttons are on (Track edit bounce etc) and you are in Multi Track mode then press CD and from the drop down options make sure "play/import" is highlighted then press F4 you will see a list of tracks on the CD you have in the DP24 make sure that the tracks you want are ticked by using the jog/data or cursor buttons to select the tracks and F2 to tick the tracks then press F4 at which point you will get a pop up on the screen "import CD tracks are you sure?" press F2 for yes it takes a few minutes to import after which it reverts back to the CD Play/import menu and you might be forgiven for asking where,s my ****imported CD tracks ? well fear not they are in the audio depot folder so press home then menu/audio depot and import to the stereo paired track of your choice.


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