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Jun 9, 2014
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M5000 X48 MX2424 RA1000
I am not finding much specific information regarding importing/exporting files on the X48 other than what's in the manual regarding the import/export files command. I want to track in the X48 then export the sessions to Pro Tools or Logic for editing and mix down. Also would like to import sessions from same and add new tracks on X48. X48 says it can only import Open TL projects and I don't believe Pro Tools handles this format. I aslo see a few comments on the Avid forum regarding problems exporting the AAF files out of X48 to PT. Tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I don't own a x-48 but do own a mx2424, so I know it can be done, have a look at page 27 of the manual, exporting a project, there is an option to export the track files apparently.

Hello, Alan, thanks for the reply. I also have two MX2424 and have imported and exported tracks to edit in Sound Forge with great success. I typically import/export as individual tracks and just drop them back into the MX2424 session in MX View. There was a post in the archive by "the recording guy" in Nov 2010. He said he was using the X48 for live gigs "then dumping the files directly into Pro Tools 9. It couldn't be easier". I am sure it is easy I am just trying to figure out how to do it. Certainly some one has been succesful at this. There is minimal information regarding this procedure in the X48 manual. Mark
The easiest way, is to setup the machine to filesharing. Procedure in described in the manual. You can track in the X and export to PC/Mac or import from PC/Mac. While the Maxhine is in filesharing, that´s all it does, while it shows up as a folder on your computer. Drag and drop files just as you would in any other folder :)

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