In need of help with my 2488


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Jun 7, 2013
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tascam 2488
O have the original 2488 and recently I powered it on only to see that all of my buttons no longer work...they don't even light up. Before o take it to a shop o was wondering of there is anyway to fix this issue myself.
Does the display light up and show the start-up screen? How far does it get when booting and loading a song?
It fully loads, the buttons are unresponsive though
caluno said:
It fully loads, the buttons are unresponsive though

Perhaps a button is stuck on. I just tried a quick experiment with my NEO. If I hold the menu button down then the channel selects and input selects are all unresponsive, although the record selects still work. It may be worth exercising (push / release) all buttons a few times and see if there is any improvement. Sticky buttons are a common fault, but they tend to be isolated to one or two (and usually the stop and play buttons).


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