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Nov 18, 2012
Hey everyone, I'm new to these boards.

While researching some other gear I found out about the SX1. However there is very little user-generated info out there about these units.

Can you all tell me what your experiences have been? How are the pres? What kind of editing is available? Just anything that would be useful to know. How much is a fair price these days?

Thank you in advance.
It's an excellent machine with lots of features and usually runs from about 600.00-2000.00 US dollars used these days. I fell in love with it in 2003 and was finally able to afford a used one in 2009. I got mine for 1000.00 from a snake, 3rd party scumbag who owned an electronics repair dive in the valley (Souther California) and ended having to pay an additional 700.00 to get it in working order. To this day I'm still having issues with it, not due to it's design but due to a previous owner that didn't realy care for it. None the less it makes a proffesional looking and sounding center piece for any studio and is packed full of useful features. Sorry if this didn't help but I do apreciate being able to vent. Good Luck

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