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Nov 9, 2012
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I'm trying to get my mic pres and compressors routed to my dm 4800 via patchbay.
Simply put, pre dm 4800 I had all my outboard patched to the bays and I would use an insert lead from the bay to the relavent insert channel on my analogue desk so I could route a compressor on playback to a channel.
It's clear how to route to an insert on the dm when your recording, but how do I get the inserts to work on playback.
I have logic set so that my output from logic is on dm layer 2 channels 25-48.

Is this anything to do with soft inserts.

Your recorded signal has become digital, so in order to use your analog gear on it again you have to get it analog. This means repatching the gear to receive from the analog sends and returning to a channel input again.
I think what he means is that when using the channel inserts, you can obviously use them as an effects loop for the mic that is plugged into that channel. ie, mic signal in/ send to effect/return from effect, then it gets digitized, then is routed to input channel in the DM. The RETURN is always availabe to send a line source back into the DM like the LINE INs are. HOWEVER, you cannot SEND a signal OUT through the send that comes from anything else but the thing you have plugged into that channel, ie, a mic. You would need to find a way to send your DAW returns out to your comp, like via the assin sends, and then back in, like via the insert returns, if you want to add it on your mix.
Wow sounds complicated. I tried sending from an aux to compressor and then compressor to a line in and recorded that in logic, but the latency was really bad. Should I use busses and then route them somehow back to logic so I can reord my effect coming of an instrument.
Similar to the other thread, it sounds like you are monitoring your effected (compressed) signal AFTER it goes through your daw. Instead, monitor the compressed signal directly through the DM's input channels you have assigned to the line ins.

For example, lets say you have a partial mix from your DAW's stereo out, into DM channels 17 and 18. Now you want to send out a seperate daw channel with, say a snare drum, and you want to hear how the compression sounds with the partial mix that's coming inthrough DM chans 17 and 18. Send that snare out through your assn send 1, to the compressor, then back into the DM's via assn return 1. Now monitor the compressed snare on whatever input channel you have for assn return 1. Don't listen to the newly compressed snare after it has gone through your DAW and back into the DM, monitor it directly though the DM and it should be synced with your partial stereo mix. It will also record in sync with the mix as it is in your DAW as well.
Thanks for the replies.

I have tried all possible ways and its simple enough. Assign snare to send 8 to patchbay into compressor then back to assign return 8 routed that in the dm to channel 62. It monitors perfect through the dm but when I press record on logic thats when the latency occurs.
Also did same but came back through channel insert 24 same thing it monitors perfectly but when I press record thats when the latency happens. I cant see the problem with logic as it is set at the lowest latency possible.
What am I missing.

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