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Mar 29, 2013
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Hi, How difficult is it to replace a bad screen on the DM 4800?
It's a snap. There are some step by step instructions for opening the unit online (the guys at have some nice pictures of the process) and once inside... well, I will recommend you have some magnetized screwdrivers, and one of those telescoping magnets for retrieving any dropped screws.. but other than that, I did mine in 30 minutes without even moving the console or any of the gear around it.

The only surprise was discovering that the ribbon cable isn't attached to a plug that fits into a socket.... That stuff is attached to the LCD unit, and the ribbon just slips out of the plug and then back into the new plug. You will want to do this very, very carefully, but it's not difficult.
I've done it on both the DM24 and the DM3200. Being a more modern machine, the DM 3200 was a lot easier than the DM24. If you can handle a screwdriver and you're a reasonably cautious person you can do it easily. I'm fairly adventurous and just "winged" it and I had no problem.
I have made the pics for the 2seemy install.
As a matter of fact the 4800 is far more easy to open than DM-24 ;-)
Also a Picasa
I couldn't find those photos. I'm very curious to see how it works. I'm also trying to weigh the advantages of using the external screen mod.
Go to, and look for the word "Install" in the black bar just under the logo (depending on yor screen settings, it can be hard to see). Thn choose yor console and you'll see a slide show of pictures that show, step by step, how to crack the cases (berl, thanks for the excellent pics... Made my screen swap much, much easier.)
I could only find instructions and photos that show how to install the 2seemy screen module. Is there a set of photos on how to install the replacement screen from Tascam?
Not that I know of.... but once you have the case open, it's self evident. The screen is held in pace by four screws... Slip the ribbon cable gently out of its socket, disconnect the power supply, take out those four screws and Bob's yer uncle.
I just pulled the trigger on the 2seemy option. My screen is just fine. I wonder if I should disconnect the screen to preserve it and just use the display.
A question to those who are using the screen.. have you tried the USB connection as to avoid having to set up a dedicated monitor? If so, how is that working for you?
One last question: How do you know which way to install the cable ribbons??
Well, I don't think that disconnecting your LCD will give it more life. Possibly yes, but I think that it is the ribbon glued on one side of the LCD glass that does not like heat too much (this ribbon is responsible for horizontal rows). So if you disconnect the LCD the glue will continue to dry and contact to degrade.

The USB on computer : I experienced problems so I installed several times the driver before it works. I changed my computer and did not reinstall it yet... The goal was to have the DM window opened on the computer as well as other programs (Fohhn net in my case)

Which ribbons are you talking about ? The 2seemy ribbons ? If yes, look at the pics : I shared the hooks that holds the other ribbons from and to PSU and other...
berl said:
Which ribbons are you talking about ? The 2seemy ribbons ? If yes, look at the pics : I shared the hooks that holds the other ribbons from and to PSU and other...

Yes all the ribbons associated with the install. Are there indicators on the cables and connectors as to which way you slip in the ribbons? Do they fit only one way? I am concerned that I might install them upside down.
No indicator. I just put a dot on the ribbon cable (it's white) with a Sharpie.
The ribbons have only one side with printed contacts, nothing on the back.
Just check the side you see when you disconnect it (write it down), check the pics (and the comment) for the 2seemy install.
If you plug it the wrong way you will get nothing (and you will not harm your gear).
There are contacts,(those little shiny silver pads) ONLY on one side of the ribbon cable Charlie
Has anyone here installed the Tascam STOCK screen? I really need to know what it's about. I like the 2seemy option, but just want to know how to install the STOCK Tascam screen.

Yeah, that's what I did. Use the 2seemy pics to help you open the case with a minimum of head scratching, and the rest will be obvious. Disconnect the ribbon cable, disconnect the power cable, unscrew the four screws that hold the screen in place.... Remove the protective film from the new screen, screw it into place, reconnect the power and ribbon cable, and screw the console back together.

I'd also like to be the first to mention that the metallic connections on the ribbon cable are only visible on one side. ;) But I couldn't see that before I pulled it out, so I marked the top with a black dot from a Sharpie.
Just went there and you get correct. The photos are beautiful. I didn't see all those photos the first time around. Looks like about a 30 minute job, carefully done. I'm so glad there's no need to remove all those knobs.
Yep... It was 30 minutes on the nose for me, from removing the first screw to powering the board back up. Piece of cake.
TorchMusic said:
Just went there and you get correct. The photos are beautiful.
Thank you :cool:

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