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Sep 8, 2014
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SX-1 Le
The instructions on the burninginstallCD.pdf file talk about downloading and extracting a zip file. The files at are not zipped so, although the (downloaded) unzipped .img files will be OK what do users need to do with the .toc file ? I have tried simply copying the .toc file contents to notepad and changing the .txt extension to .toc (confirming that there is no residual .txt extension using right click >properties>details).

Burnatonce appears to burn a CD OK (using CD-R media as suggested in the pdf) but the CD is not recognised in the SX-1 (behaves like it is a blank or empty CD). Other CDs work normally in the SX-1 drive suggesting that this is a problem with the files or the media.

As I have a full SX-1 i am using the files in rather than the LE versions tried by Filip (above).

Has anyone actually sucessfully created a 1.52 installation CD from the files currently held in and sucessfully installed from it?

Is there some simple step I am missing (maybe in properly re-creating the .toc file)?

Any help would be much appreciated.

paul aka vjmashie

I made an OS 1.52 disc last week for my SX-1 using the files you have downloaded. I worked perfectly!

I changed the toc-file to have .toc and not .txt
I used a program called Simplyburns for Mac and just loaded the toc-file. Make sure that the img-files are in the same folder as the toc-file.

Best of luck.

Fredrik Berg
Hi Fredrik

Thank you so much for your response - I appreciate it.

It appears that I have used the right files and the correct process for creating the discs (albeit using burnatonce on PC rather than Simplyburns on Mac).

Now that I know the files are good it points to a problem with media or the CD drive itself.

I had assumed the media was OK - I was careful to use top quality CD-R media (Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui MAM-A) and I avoided using CD-RW discs because of the likely issues with any CD-RW media with a min speed higher than the drive speed (mine is an original TEAC 4x). I have some other CD-Rs knocking around so I'll cut a few more installation discs later today and see what happens.

Thanks again!

paul aka vjmashie
Success at last! Didn't do anything differently but the 4th CD-R I cut (Sony brand) did the trick. Maybe the drive is "super-fussy". Anyway, 1.52 now loaded so thanks again forum and Fredrik :)

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