Is it that time?

Will Miho

Oct 9, 2012
Gear owned
DM4800 DM24
I'd like to see a DM-ALPHA console, a 4800 with a smaller, much lighter footprint, and a different Led screen that does not fail, engineered to stay cool even in the many studios they don't keep them cool enough. With upgraded chips that can power 4 internal effects engines, take in multiple 5.1 channels and assign them to the external monitors buttons, maybe with a remote app for control from a stage or room, and a few graphic EQ's with RTA... And a driver than allows 2 firewire cards on your DAW so you can record 64 channels!

Many stores now say DM-4800 - unavailable. The ones that do have her discounted to $3500.
A great great console for studio applications, but a bit of a boatanchor for remotes and now seems EOL in terms of manufacturing?

One of Tascam's best products ever though. Thanks, Tascam.
It may or may not be that time. A Tascam rep told some people at Full Compass that the 4800 would be discontinued but the 3200 would remain in production; that was about a year ago, and it may be true. But when I bought my 3200 (started shopping in September 2012, took delivery in December), I was hearing rumors and seeing the stuff you're seeing now... mind-blowing discounts, lots of retailers saying "not available" (one going so far as to label it "discontinued"). I finally decided, with the help of this forum, that the discounts were so incredible (Full Compass went a significant step beyond the others) and the unit so perfect for what I was trying to achieve that I didn't care if it was EOL or not. Turns out the rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated.
Time for more speculation on the replacement? Perhaps there won't be one????

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