Larger and better display with 2seemy card


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Oct 16, 2012
Stavanger, Norway
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DM-3200 IF-FW-DM
I am now ordering a vga output card from Looks like a real winner!
For those of you that haven't discovered this yet, check out their website. It's an expantion card that goes in the back of your console, and let's you feed a vga++ compatible monitor with the same data that shows on the built in lcd display.
If you don't want more screen surface in your control room, it's also an option to feed a software window in your PC if you like.

I'll post updates on delivery time, and installation progress.
No more room in my studio for extra monitors.... so if I could get the 2seemy display to show up in a window on a Mac, I'd do it today. But I can't, so I ordered a new LCD screen from Tascam instead.

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