Layer Channels 33-48 problem


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Mar 5, 2013
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Tascam DM-3200
For some reason my layer 33-48 are going crazy on the meter bridge as if there was sound playing. All my other layers are ok. I really don't know what happened. Does anyone know what this is and how it came about. I had not used the console in 2months and all of a sudden this comes up.

Thank you
Which inputs are assigned to channels 33-48? Should be (part of) the answer..
Hi Arjan, they are assigned to ADAT 1-8 33-40, this is my behringer ultragain Pro 8 converter and channels 41-48 are set to EFF in the input section.
When you say 'going crazy,' what specifically is happening? Are the meters pegged at 0db? Do they 'dance' - ie - move up and down randomly? Or - do you see about a few db of steady gain? Specifics are helpful; the more detail in the description, the sooner the answer is found.

Have you solo-ed those channels? Do you hear something? Usually (if not always), when signal is present on a meter, audio isn't far behind.

The meter is showing up and down movement randomly on channels 33-48, and when i solo it's sounds like noise distorted. Thanks,
Could be a synchronisation issue. How is your Ultragain connected to the DM? Is there a wordclock BNC cable between the two, or a different kind of digital sync?
Arjan you nailed it, it was my master clock on my external clock that was set to 44.1k and my internal on the DM-3200 was set to 48k. Guys thanks for your help.:)
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