LCD Screen is Dying


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Oct 26, 2012
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My LCD screen has dark blue horizontal lines appearing. I believe that means that I will need to replace it soon.

Does anyone have a new one for sale? (tascam wants over $200 - ouch)

Does anyone know if this is a "standard LCD" that may be available elsewhere for less than $200?


I have scoured the interwebz looking for a cheaper solution, and came up empty. If you want to be certain that the new LCD will work with the Tascam, I think you have to just bite the bullet and buy their part. Which I did for my DM3200.
This won't save you $200, but it's one possible other avenue.

I noticed that the LCD for the SX-1 is the same as the one for the DM-24, DM3200, etc. Not to mention that the SX-1 shares expansion cards with the DM-24.

So there's a _chance_ (please note I have NOT confirmed this, it is mere speculation) that this clever third-party modification to get VGA output for the LCD screen on the DM-24, may also work on the SX-1:

If it was me, I would open up the board, take some photos of the circuit board that is responsible for the LCD, and e-mail them to the 2seemy guy.

Not only would this avoid getting another LCD screen that might die in time, you can also get a much bigger monitor in place of it, and have TWO external VGA screens for your SX-1.

Here's the mod for the DM3200:
one of my screens is very dim and they both have lines...not terrible yet, but I'm sure it will get worse...I would love to get those large LCD screen, but they're $300 each and I'm not sure they would work...has anyone tryed these? they also have 10+ of the screens that Redbus gave a link looks the same, but I'm not sure about them either...they cost $88 plus $35 S&H from Hong Kong...
what's the part# for the screen?
the part # for the ones on eBay is:
MG3224C3-SBF PC3224C3-2
is that compatible?

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