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Jan 25, 2013
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When I link two channels together, they go to the center position instead of one panned to right and one to the left, is there any way to link them to do this, it just put them both in the center position.
When you link two channels, they are panned hard left and hard right, but the visual indicator shows the stereo pair as "centered." You can still pan the stereo pair to the left or right, but when you have it "centered," the two channels are split left and right.
Essentially, your "pan" (a reference for a single channel) is now a STEREO "Balance". Like Jim said, if your "balance" is centered, you are listening to both channels in a full stereo image, if given a stereo signal. Turn it to the left, and the whole stereo image moves to the left and visa versa.
Maybe this is a bit far fetched, but apart from the above replies which relate to creating one stereo pair out of two channels, it is also possible to link two (or more) channels together just for mixing. Using the link/grp key you select the fader group tab and connect channels together for fading. It can be useful if you need to stereo link channels that are not each others natural stereo pair, like channels 4&5 or 6&7 etc. Pan will in this case remain pan..

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