Listening to 2 trk recorder Tascam DA3000

salty james

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Jan 5, 2013
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I want to be able to mix down to a separate recorder, a DA3000.
I also will be using both the SD card and recording into Logic and coming back into the Model 16 depending on the song and situation.

My question is
Where should I plug that up? I also want to be able to patch in some good stereo gear i have for the master bus. I mean, I know I have to listen to what the stereo buss gear I'm using is doing (I have some pretty cool EQ and comps I wanna use). And so I need to monitor off the 2 track recorder and not the 'Main' mix.
Most mixers have a 2 trk return.. Is that what channels 13/14 (M16) and 21/22 (M24) are for?

No body does it like this?
How are you guys mixing down? In the Model 16/24?
On the stereo master tracks?
Back into the DAW?

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